Wi-Fi Protected Setup

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January 8, 2007: Official announcement

Official page on Wi-Fi Alliance website

Certified devices

It is possible to buy the spec from the Wi-Fi Alliance for 99 US$ or, if your company is part of the Alliance, log in and download it here.

Third-parties descriptions:

Note that Wi-Fi Protected Setup appeared with various names in the press before the official name was announced in August 2006, they all refer to the same technology:

  • Wi-Fi Easy Setup
  • Wi-Fi Simple Config

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Wireshark dissector

Jianping Jiang and myself extended EAP and IEEE802.11 dissectors for Wireshark.
I posted it to the wireshark-dev mailing-list on February 5, 2007:

Reference implementations


  • A page was created quite recently (January 31, 2007) on Wikipedia, think about contributions...