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UPS (onduleur)

Mine is an Ellipse 800 from MGE, connected by a serial port.

  • apt-get install nut
  • adduser nut dialout (to access the serial port)
  • cp /usr/share/doc/nut/examples/ups.conf /etc/nut
  • cp /usr/share/doc/nut/examples/upsd.conf /etc/nut
  • cp /usr/share/doc/nut/examples/upsd.users /etc/nut
  • chown root:nut /etc/nut/upsd.users
  • chmod 640 /etc/nut/upsd.users
  • Edit /etc/nut/ups.conf:
 driver = mge-shut ''(see /usr/share/doc/nut/README.gz)''
 port = /dev/ttyS0
  • To try:
    • upsdrvctl -v start
    • It should say "mge-shut[xxx]: Startup successful" in /var/log/syslog
    • If "No communication with UPS", edit /etc/nut/ups.conf again
  • Edit /etc/nut/upsd.users

password = blah
allowfrom = localhost
upsmon master
  • Edit /etc/default/nut => START_UPSD=yes
  • /etc/init.d/nut start
  • Test:
    • upscmd -l myups@localhost
    • upsc myups@localhost

(4) /etc/nut/upsmon.conf (see 'man 5 upsmon.conf' for more information)

Edit /etc/nut/upsmon.conf and add something like the following
MONITOR myups@localhost 1 monmaster blah master

Ensure that the permissions of upsmon.conf do not permit the world to read it. It should already be thus, but the following commands

accomplishes this
chown root:nut /etc/nut/upsmon.conf chmod 640 /etc/nut/upsmon.conf

Edit /etc/default/nut and change START_UPSD and START_UPSMON from


(6) start the daemon

Invoke '/etc/init.d/nut start' to start the daemon(s). Check /var/log/syslog to ensure that upsd, appropriate drivers, and upsmon started up correctly.