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TrueCrypt v5.0 installation under Debian

You can directly use the Ubuntu .deb that they propose.
There is no more need to compile kernel modules as now it's based on fuse.
It features a GUI à la windows.
It has still a text mode but it's buggy as it works only under X (sic), I reported the bug

$ truecrypt --text --version
TrueCrypt 5.0
$ DISPLAY= truecrypt --text --version
Error: Unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?

BTW I would expect also that if there is no DISPLAY there is no need for --text

$ DISPLAY= truecrypt --version

TrueCrypt v4.3a installation under Debian


Prerequisites: I had to install bzr and force python dependency problem:

sudo apt-get install bzr python-celementtree
sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.22
file=$(wget -qO - $url | grep -Eo 'truecrypt-installer[^"]+\.deb' | tail -1)
if [ ! -e $file ]; then
    wget $url/$file
sudo dpkg -i truecrypt-installer*.deb
sudo dpkg -i /usr/src/truecrypt-{modules-linux,modules-modprobe,doc,cli}*.deb

If any troubles (other prerequisites etc), see /usr/share/doc/truecrypt-installer/README

If you want some more automation such as mounting at startup, see [fr]


/usr/share/doc/truecrypt-doc/truecrypt-user-guide.pdf is the full windows guide, very useful to understand all other aspects of TrueCrypt than the Windows GUI.

man truecrypt