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  • apt-get install php4-cli mysql-server php4-mysql
    • create an admin account on mysql if not yet done, cf Mysql
  • Get it from BerliOS
  • Untar it under /usr/local/lib/rss2jabber
  • Create a user:group rss2jabber:rss2jabber
    • home:/usr/local/lib/rss2jabber shell:/usr/bin/php
  • chown -R rss2jabber:rss2jabber /usr/local/lib/rss2jabber
  • Create mysql elements:
mysql -u root -p
mysql> CREATE DATABASE rss2jabber;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON rss2jabber.* TO IDENTIFIED BY 'rsskey';
mysql> USE rss2jabber;
mysql> SOURCE db.sql;
  • I'm not sure if the bit can register itself the first time so I created its jabber account with a regular client
  • Edit with your DB and server params
  • mkdir /var/log/jabber/rss2jabber
  • chown rss2jabber:rss2jabber /var/log/jabber/rss2jabber


su - rss2jabber /usr/local/lib/rss2jabber/rss2jabber.php


  • Edit and change verbosity level
su - rss2jabber /usr/local/lib/rss2jabber/rss2jabber.php >& /var/log/jabber/rss2jabber/log &

Still needs to daemonize the stuff...

? cron: pgrep -f rss2jabber.php >/dev/null || su - rss2jabber /usr/local/lib/rss2jabber/rss2jabber.php >& /var/log/jabber/rss2jabber/log &


add JID:<rssuser@yourjabber_server> to your contacts and send it the command: help