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I'm here

99% of my pictures are under a Creative Commons license, check the licensing terms of the picture page. As a result, some of my pictures are used elsewhere (maybe there are more but if they don't appear in a search engine or in my referrer stats I can't see them)


Blogs & News sites


Misc sites


Ways I found those pictures:


Libre Software

  • Download from the camera
    • gphoto2, no way around!
    • gtkam is a nice frontend for those who need frontends :-)
    • gtkam-gimp? I get a "attempted to install a procedure with invalid UTF-8 strings" error
  • Organise and view
    • gthumb is the best one to my knowledge, capable of keywords, catalogs, lossless rotations etc
    • gtksee, pornview and kuickshow are poor alternatives
  • Raw import
    • dcraw and ufraw, based itself on dcraw
    • With gimp, gimp-ufraw is certainly the most complete and handy but there exists also gimp-dcraw
  • Control remotely the camera
    • Nothing yet for EOS350 I'm afraid, check ptpcanon, libptp, ptpcam?
  • Handle EXIF data
    • todo metacam, exiv2, exif, exiftags, jhead, exiftran (better than jpegtran)
  • Handle ICC profiles
    • todo lprof, xicc, icc-profiles, liblcms*, argyll-bin?
  • Other gimp goodies
    • gimp-texturize, just incredible!
    • gimp-print
    • gimp-data-extra
    • gimp-help-en, gimp-help-fr, gimp-helpbrowser
    • gimp-python
  • Panorama creation
    • hugin which can use:
    • autopano-sift
      Activate it properly in Hugin properties: default call is to autopanog.exe instead of autopano :-(
    • enblend
      Activate it in Hugin properties

Libre resources & tutorials

Ideas Box

  • upside-down
  • mix color background & BW subject (or way around)
  • desat couleur? -> blanc
  • underwater
  • torch painting
  • bodypaint
  • pinhole
  • clones+hugin
  • sound trigger + flash
  • multiple flashes in bulb mode

--PhilippeTeuwen 07:58, 19 August 2008 (UTC)