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Create a PDF viewer to consult online an ebook library.

Existing softwares in PHP

Yet another one

  • Convert documents from online library, not from user selection/upload
  • No limitation on nr of pages or filesize
  • No overhead of intensive MySql logging
  • AJAX style with personal css instead of frames
  • CSS inspired from LAYOUT TECHNIQUES: 3 columns, the holy grail
  • Persistant cache (as set of documents is fixed) while limited in size
  • Conversion on demand by batches of 10 pages in order to support large documents
  • Smoother zooming
  • Rotation support
  • Text mode support (much faster and allows copy/paste)
  • Trim support (remove blank area around the generated document)


  • center text mode
  • text mode robust to page content (php code,...)
  • Search in document
  • Search in all documents (coupled with sth like ?)