Debian on Amd64

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Usual 32-bit kernels and distributions (libc) work out-of-the-box on 64-bit AMD but to get max performance, let's install a 64-bit kernel and distribution...

Installing Debian AMD64 Etch from a USB stick

  • I followed the method described in the Sarge documentation, ch4 to create the USB stick:
  • I used the Sid installer for USB
  • zcat boot.img.gz >/dev/sda1
  • I downloaded the Etch Netinst ISO and copied it to the mounted stick
  • I booted on the stick and went through the whole Debian installation (now all the install is done without reboot)
  • Reboot without the stick -> nothing happens :-(
  • After a while I discovered that during the install the stick got named /dev/sda and the Raid /dev/sdb and grub was installed... on /dev/sda
  • So I had to reboot with the stick and telling the BIOS to put the stick in front of the HD to get again the same layout
  • Then grub-install /dev/sdb to get grub on the HD
  • Reboot without the stick -> grub does not find the kernels, edit the root(hd1,5)->(hd*0*,5), boot
  • Edit fstab sdb->sda; mount -a; and edit /boot/grub/menu.lst #groot=(hd1,5)->(hd*0*,5)
  • update-grub; grub-install /dev/sda; reboot


Reducing size of a logical volume

  • umount <LV>
  • reiserfsck --check /dev/mapper/Zeus-home
  • resize_reiserfs -s-<size to remove> -v <LV> (ex. resize_reiserfs -s-20G -v /dev/mapper/Zeus-home)
  • lvresize -v -L-<size to remove> <LV> (ex. lvresize -v -L-20G /dev/mapper/Zeus-home)

Increasing size of a logical volume

  • lvresize -v -L+<size to add> <LV> (ex. lvresize -v -L+20G /dev/mapper/Zeus-home)
  • resize_reiserfs -s+<size to add> -v <LV> (ex. resize_reiserfs -s+20G -v /dev/mapper/Zeus-home)