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cf Belgian eID


cf Belgian ePassport

Electronic voting


Schaerbeek incident

SIS card

$ pcsc_scan
 Reader 0: iDream ID-SMID01 00 00
  Card state: Card inserted, 
  ATR: 92 23 10 91

ATR: 92 23 10 91
+ TS = 92 --> UNDEFINED
+ T0 = 23, Y(1): 0010, K: 3 (historical bytes)
  TB(1) = 10 --> Programming Param P: 16 Volts, I: 0 milliamperes
+ Historical bytes: 91
 ERROR! ATR is truncated: 2 byte(s) is/are missing
  Category indicator byte: 91 (proprietary format)
Your card is not a microprocessor card. It seems to be memory card.

This requires actually a reader capable of the 3-wire protocol.
Card as identified by a OmniKey 5321 reader:

Siemens SLE4418/28 (Infineon) 1k

It's 1024-byte memory, with a mask to tell which bytes can be changed and probably (if SLE4428) a "password" of 2 bytes, self-locking after 8 failed attempts.
Note that SLE4418/28 are discontinued by Infineon, proposing now compatible cards SLE5518/28

More information at BCSS: specifications for readers