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BackTrack2 is a livecd for pentesters

As of today, the latest version is a modified version by Ethical-Hacker for the ChicagoCon2007.
And, interestingly enough, this is a Virtual Appliance for VMWare so we can run it without need for reboot.

BackTrack for VMware

apt-get install p7zip 
7zr e ehnet_bt2_vm.7z

VMware Player

Installation under Debian

apt-get install vmware-package
cd /tmp 
make-vmpkg -s VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.i386.tar.gz
cd vmware-player
dpkg -i vmware-kernel-source_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0_all.deb
cd /usr/src
tar xjf vmware-kernel-source.tar.bz2
cd /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.21-1-686
make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --us --uc --revision $REVISION --append-to-version $APPEND debian
make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --us --uc --revision $REVISION --append-to-version $APPEND modules_clean
make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --us --uc --revision $REVISION --append-to-version $APPEND modules_image
cd /usr/src
dpkg -i vmware-kernel-modules-2.6.21-1-686_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0+2.6.21_i386.deb
cd /tmp/vmware-player
dpkg -i vmware-common_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0_all.deb vmware-player_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0_i386.deb vmware-bin_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0_i386.deb vmware-lib_2.0.2.59824.0.16.0_i386.deb


vmplayer Other\ Linux\ 2.6.x\ kernel.vmx 

The first time, you can reply "I moved it" or "I copied it" if you want to generate among others a new MAC address.

By default BackTrack will run under NAT but for some pentesting we want a bridge mode (for arping, smb,...)
You can change it in the player menu but by default the vmware network is bridged with eth0.
To change the physical interface to be bridged with (e.g. wlan0), edit /etc/vmware/locations and change the following line:

answer VNET_0_INTERFACE eth0