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AWFFull Homepage

apt-get install awffull libgd2-xpm

Geolocalisation? cf GeoIP

see an Apache example in or Zope in or Plone in

Don't forget to point to the right log file : /var/log/apache2/access.log in the /etc/awffull/awffull.conf

Cheers on the cake : You are using different webservers like apache, zope, plone, etc.. and you would like to have statistics for each one :

cd /etc/awffull
cp /etc/awffull/awffull.conf /etc/awffull/zawffull.conf
cp /etc/awffull/awffull.conf /etc/awffull/pawffull.conf

Edit pawffull.conf for Plone

LogFile /var/log/zope2.9/plone-site/Z2.log
OutputDir /var/www/pawffull

Edit zawffull.conf for Zope

LogFile /var/log/zope2.9/zope/Z2.log
OutputDir /var/www/zawffull

Create the output directory

mkdir /var/www/zawffull
mkdir /var/www/pawffull

That is it, the /etc/cron.daily/awffull will execute each .conf file of the /etc/awffull directory !

awffull -c /etc/awffull/awffull.conf
awffull -c /etc/awffull/zawffull.conf
awffull -c /etc/awffull/pawffull.conf