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Attempt to run it with php5!

First we have to fix the dependencies of webcalendar

apt-get install equivs
equivs webcalendar-equivs

edit webcalendar-equivs.ctl:

Package: webcalendar-equivs
Depends: php5, php5-cli, php5-mysql
Provides: php4, php4-cli, php4-mysql, mysql-client
Architecture: all
Description: Allows to install webcalendar with php5
 Provides php4 and mysql dependancies to satisfy webcalendar

Then we can install this fresh package and webcalendar

dpkg -i webcalendar-equivs_1.0_all.deb
apt-get install webcalendar

I've chosen not to rely on debconf
Create the DB and tables

mysqladmin -p create webcalendar
mysql -p
  GRANT ALL ON webcalendar.* TO webcalendar@private IDENTIFIED BY '<pwd>';
mysql -p webcalendar < webcalendar-tables-mysql.sql (From /usr/share/webcalendar/sql/tables-mysql.sql)
cp /usr/share/webcalendar/tools/settings.conf /etc/webcalendar/settings.conf

Edit settings.conf:

db_type = mysql
db_host = sql
db_login = webcalendar
db_password = <pwd>
db_database = webcalendar
db_persistent = true
single_user = N
use_http_auth = false

Default admin is admin:admin

To setup the reminders, we've to fix some bugs:

cd /usr/share/webcalendar/
ln -s www/includes/
cd /usr/share/webcalendar/tools
ln -s ../www/translations/

Then edit /etc/cron.d/webcalendar

1,6,11,16,21,26,31,36,41,46,51,56 * * * * root cd /usr/share/webcalendar/tools/; php send_reminders.php

Edit settings from the web interface at least to fix the URL (if SSL) and the sender email

I like to be able to add an URL to some of the events, so I edit /etc/webcalendar/site_extras.php and add a sub-array to $site_extras:

array (
    "URL",        // unique name of this extra field (used in db)
    "URL",        // how this field will be described to users
    $EXTRA_URL,   // type of field
    0,            // arg 1
    0             // arg 2