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Some notes on my setup to use Coverity Scan for libnfc & alike:



To isolate the tool I'm using it in a chroot created according to [1]:

sudo debootstrap wheezy /pathto/wheezy
sudo chroot /pathto/wheezy

cat > ./usr/sbin/policy-rc.d <<EOF
exit 101
chmod a+x ./usr/sbin/policy-rc.d
cp /bin/true /usr/bin/ischroot

Note that the DNS info are statically copied from your current environment so under other network conditions it may fail if DNS is incompatible. You'll get already better chances by picking a public DNS (Google, opendns, etc) rather than a 192.168.xx.1.


Still in the chroot, a few utils to get & compile libnfc and to use coverity-submit:

apt-get install git
apt-get install autoconf libtool pkg-config make

For libnfc:

apt-get install libusb-dev libpcsclite-dev

For libfreefare:

apt-get install libssl-dev

For coverity-submit:

apt-get install python curl

Git clone

git clone
git clone

coverity scan

Get the tool at and untar it in /opt


I got that helper script from here.
It requires xmlto to create the man page, which brings >700Mb of dependencies in the chroot so I preferred to compile the man page directly on the host.
next revisions of coverity-submit should contain a compiled manpage, it'll be easier...

apt-get install xmlto
cd coverity-submit-1.9

Then in the chroot

cd coverity-submit-1.9
make install
man coverity-submit

It requires a config file so I created ~/.coverity-submit with

name: MyName
userid: myusername
email: my@email
tools: /opt/cov-analysis-linux64-6.6.1/bin

password: < here_comes_the_token_you_can_see_at >
prebuild: git clean -d -f -x && autoreconf -vis && ./configure --with-drivers=all
build: make
postbuild: make install

password: < here_comes_the_token_you_can_see_at >
prebuild: git clean -d -f -x && autoreconf -vis && ./configure
build: make

Libnfc postbuild is required to be able to compile libnfc-dependent components such as libfreefare

The current script is using a "password" which is actually the project "token". coverity-submit should soon accept the word "token" as synonym of "password" in the config.


Coverity is recording in its report all environment variables so as some of them are still visible in the chroot environment I prefer to remove them first...

sudo chroot /pathto/wheezy
export LANG=C

Then for each project:

cd libnfc
git pull
coverity-submit -b $(git describe) -t $(git describe)
cd ..


Configured components

In the dashboard, for libnfc:

Component name Pattern         Ignore in analysis	
lib            /libnfc/.*      No
examples       /examples/.*    No
utils          /utils/.*       No

Note that after configuration of components I had to logout from the "view defects" otherwise I could not open issues anymore