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Here is a list of potentially useful applications

Only for root

Those apps require to run on a rooted phone

Fresh updates of the Market application itself...

With root support

Those apps benefit from running on a rooted phone

  • Root Explorer, nice file explorer with file editor etc
  • Ghost Commander
    • Nostalgic of Norton Commander? Using Midnight Commander? It's for you!
    • Root support: access system files, remount system as RW, etc
    • There is also an addon for SMB support
  • SSHDroid, ssh server
    • First time: ssh-copy-id root@ (default pwd is admin) then go to options to start automatically, disable pwd auth and enable shared keys auth. Displaying authorized keys from GUI fails but auth works properly.
  • Helium, apps backup & sync
    • Works on rooted device
    • Works on non rooted devices with a CLASS preload "attack". Note that on Windows, rather than using the proposed program one can achieve the same once adb is installed by executing:
adb shell "pkg=$(pm path com.koushikdutta.backup);CLASSPATH=${pkg#package:} app_process /system/bin com.koushikdutta.shellproxy.ShellRunner2 &"


Not on Store:



Belgian Transportations

Belgian Media & Culture

Belgian telephony

Belgian misc

  • Belgacom Apps Guide : Provides a list of nice Belgian apps, that's how I discovered some of those on this list
  • Brut-Net BE : Compute net wage from gross pay
  • myShopi : Shopping list
  • Parcels : Delivery tracking, supports many providers including Belgian ones
  • PharmaMob : Localize closest all-night drugstore
  • : payment application
  • Suivi par Droïd : Delivery tracking, supports many providers including Belgian ones
  • Redbox : postal offices & boxes locations in Belgium & France


IM / Chat / Email

Browsers & web clients





System tools



GPS with offline maps


  • Copilot Live (59€ for Europe)
  • Tomtom planned for next HTC phones, with free map of the country of purchase


From this post:
Create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator (Java-based) & use them e.g. with RMaps, AndNav, Maverick, TrekBuddy,... (bitmaps so ok only for small areas such as cities)

  • Get e.g. RMaps from Android Market
  • Get latest release of Mobile Atlas Creator & unzip it
  • Get latest SqliteJDBC library and copy it inside th eMobile Atlas Creator directory
  • Run it (
  • Choose your source, e.g. OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps,...
  • Select area: Right click to Drag, Scroll to zoom In/Out, Left click to select downloadable area
  • Select one or more zoom levels, e.g. from 12 to 18 for all levels of details of a city
  • Do “add selection” with a name of your choice
  • Select “BigPlanet SQLite” from “Atlas Settings” (for RMaps, otherwise Maverick Atlas Format for Maverick etc)
  • "Create Atlas"
  • Download the .sqlitedb map into the phone SDcard/rmaps/maps
  • Disconnect the phone
  • Open RMaps and Menu > More > Settings > User defined maps > BigPlanet_maps.sqlitedb > Enabled Maps
  • Return to main maps screen and then Menu > Maps > BigPlanet_maps.sqlitedb.

Free Navit - OSM

  • Install Navit from here
  • Install preprocessed OSM map from here and put it as /sdcard/navitmap.bin

Open Source applications

Alternative repositories

Nothing tried yet...